D02-x001-1 TecNiq Waterproof POD Aerial Ladder Lights

TecNiq Inc

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Product Overview

TecNiq Waterproof D02 Aerial Ladder Lights: 1 section of length, each section is 14.5"

Though designed for use on aerial ladders, this light’s unique form makes it versatile for use in other applications. They are durable to handle harsh outdoor environments, yet their modern styling allows them to be used as an interior design feature or accent lighting. Rugged modular design means that when a lamp fails, it can be individually replaced without major rework.




  • Provides an impressive 50 lumens per pod (white)
  • Sealed light is vibration and water proof
  • Order Up to 100 lamps per string, spaced 14.5 inches
  • Easily installed with 3M adhesive tape back of lamp
  • Life performance: 50,000 hours

these lights can be useful in many other applications.



  1" x 0.375"x 0.5" with 14.5" between lamps

LEDs: 1 per lamp
Lumens: 50  white
Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
Current: 0.03A-0.035A blue/green
0.06A-0.08A red/amber
0.07A-0.09A white
Wire: 14"
Mounting: Mounts with secure 3M tape
LED Colors: Blue • White • Green • Red • Amber


D02-A001-1 Ladder Light Amber 1 Section - 14" Section Length  
D02-B001-1 Ladder Light Blue 1 Sections - 14" Section Length  
D02-G001-1 Ladder Light Green 1 Section - 14" Section Length  
D02-R001-1 Ladder Light Red 1 Section - 14" Section Length  
D02-W001-1 Ladder Light White 1 Section - 14" Section Length  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review